DISCLAIMER: People with weak constitutions/heart problems please stay away from this post. Contains graphic violence and thematically disturbing images.

The year was 1990. There was an unusual crowd at the theater. Upon investigation, it was found that it was the occasion of the release of next film by Ramanarayanan, the master of “religious thrillers”, if they exist. Aadi Velli (1990) had set high expectations in the minds of the film fanatics and they did not want to miss the rare chance of seeing it in theaters. The whole crowd got in. The show finally began. But only half the people returned.

The whole film has such exhilarating moments that people went numb watching it. The climax which tops all the scenes is one that was jaw-dropping (minus the drool) and will be cherished by generations to come. I had the chance of seeing it on VHS about 15 years ago and boy did I love the film! I recently got hold of the original VCD. As a service to mankind, I have cut out the best parts from the climax and uploaded it on you tube. I am presenting the same below. (If you have hurried to this point, read the disclaimer above)

Notice the time-slice photography in the duel, later copied by The Matrix. Also note how easy it is to generate King Katari. But please kids, these stunts have been performed by expert programmers and professional monster-creators. Do not try this at home.

Though King Katari is defeated, it will remain as the best villain in the memories of the audience for its efforts, intimidating acts, courage, shape, size, colour, cost, elastic coefficient etc. As a Cinemaniac and responsible human being, I request all of you viewers to spread the word and ask as many people to watch the video so that we do not miss one of the best moments in world cinema history.

P. S. : Please do not compare with Narasimma or Yaarukku Yaaro. I hate such comparisons.