Krótki Film O Milosci (1988​) (aka A Short Film About Love)
Krzysztof Kieślowski

“I watch you through the window”

A Short Film About LoveWhat is love? Is it the inevitable sensual desire that arouses? Is it only bodily game played by the hormones? Can science explain all loves? Or is it something that transcends reasoning? These are issues explored in Kieślowski’s Krótki Film O Milosci (1988). Released as an extended version of an episode from Kieślowskis phenomenal TV series Dekalog, Krótki Film O Milosci was shamelessly ripped off (including the title) for the Indian version Ek Choti Si Love Story.

Tomek, a nineteen year old boy whose parents have left him, lives in the house of a friend with the latter’s mother and works at a post-office. Tomek passes his time by watching his neighbour Magda through a telescope everyday. Magda (aka Marie Magdalena, get the point?) is a middle-ager who has a number of men visiting her regularly. Hobby turns into obsession as Tomek starts pinching Magda’s letters, delivers false notices and hides milk bottles so that he can see her now and then. When the truth is revealed to Magda, she asks Tomek the reasons for his spying. Tomek says that he has no intentions of sleeping with her and he truly loves her. Magda is of the opinion that there is nothing called love and wants to teach this to Tomek. After a unsuccessful sexual encounter, Tomek is humiliated and slits his wrists. Roles reverse as Magda starts worrying about Tomek and keeps watch on his room using binoculars. The final scene (which was made to differ from Dekalog VI) has her acknowledging the fact that there is something called love and it needs no reason.

The film cleverly uses point of vies to develop its characters at various points in the movie. Like all Kieślowski films, chance and fate play important roles in the development of the events. Never over the top or judgmental on its characters, Krótki Film O Milosci is marked by top-notch performances by the leads Grazyna Szapolowska and Olaf Lubaszenko. For its effort, the film won The Golden lion at the Poland Film Festival.