The following is a list of all the translations and subtitles I’ve done. Most of these are unauthorized, and the translation/subtitling rights remain with the original authors and publishing houses. My work is simply a labour of cinephilic love.



  • Sam Fuller, Lang and Me (Fritz Lang, 1963/70, Seghers)
  • Jean-Claude Biette, Rewatching Wichita (Issue 281, Oct 1977, Cahiers du cinéma)
  • Jean-Luc Godard, The Return of Frank James (Godard par Godard, 1985, Cahiers du cinéma)
  • Serge Daney, Spring Rolls (Ciné Journal Vol. 1, 1998, Cahiers du cinéma)
  • Pascale Bodet, In the Ship of Amit Dutta (Issue 95, Sep 2015, Trafic)
  • Serge Toubiana, Maurice Pialat (Les fantômes du souvenir, 2016, Grasset)
  • Raymond Bellour & Marie Redonnet, The Scene (Pensées du cinéma, 2016, P.O.L.)
  • Nicole Brenez, René Vautier: Duties, Rights and Passion of Images (2019) [Not available online]
  • Luc Moullet, Jean Douchet (Issue 762, Jan 2020, Cahiers du cinéma)
  • Nicole Brenez, Time Out of Sync: Flow, Flash and Prism (2020) [Not available online]



  • Paris-Cinéma (1929, Pierre Chenal & Jean Mitry): English subtitles for Karagarga
  • Noir comme le souvenir (1995, Jean-Pierre Mocky): English subtitles for Karagarga
  • Le cinéma de Mikhaël Hers vu par Luc Moullet (2011, Mikhaël Hers): English subtitles for Karagarga
  • La France est notre patrie (2015, Rithy Panh): English subtitles for Karagarga
  • Tape 39 (2020, Amit Dutta): French subtitles for Cinéma du réel 2020