“Every man has two professions – one his own and the other, a film critic” – Anonymous

Masters of Cinema

Thanks to Jim Emerson and his brilliant readers at Scanners, I could get the complete solution (the identities, of course!) to the above mosaic. If you’ve given up already, here is the key.

108 Responses to “About”

  1. Samakshi Says:

    Hey Srikanth!

    You have a nice and comprehensive blog here.
    Im sure our club Culturazzi is sure to suit your likes.

    The club strives to bring people in arts, cinema, literature, music and theater across the world together on a common platform, where they can share their thoughts, opinions, and interact with each other.

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. Yes, the site looks inviting. But how do I get involved?… What can I contribute there?

  3. Jairam Says:

    Hi there,

    Although I am also a fan of movies as much as you are, and do watch all kinds of movies quite regularly, my work seems to ensure that I am unable to put up as many movie related posts as yours.

    I have a question for you, I have been searching high and low for a good DVD of Hey Ram, the Tamil version and for whatever reason, am unable to find it anywhere. In case you have a copy of it, would you be willing to make a copy of it for me. I am more than willing to pay you whatever it takes (upto around Rs 2000) for you to give me a copy of the movie.


    1. arjun Says:

      You cam watch it on youtube

  4. Mr. Jairam,

    The reason you have not found the Tamil DVD is that it has not been released at all.

    As for the Hindi version, it costs just 69 Rupees and is available al many Music world and other shopping outlets.

    If you insist on Tamil version, the VCDs are available, though rare nowadays, in a set of 3.

    I saw the film from a VCD format only.

  5. Jairam Says:

    Hi there,

    Am in Bangalore for the next 3 days. Would be great if you could tell me where in Bangalore I could find the VCD set.

    Although it seems like quite a shame that the DVD has not been officially released. Do you think sending out a mail to the ‘Padmasree’ himself might help :)

    PS: Do you actually have his mail id with you, by any chance.

  6. Hmmm… I saw the VCDs somewhere in Chennai, not Bangalore. As for the mail, I do not have it and don’t think it will help either. All his home productions and directorial ventures (except aalavandhan) are facing trouble with home video editions…

  7. Ravi Says:

    Hey Srikanth.
    Congrats man..what an analysis for Hey Ram. thank god for letting google find me this page..gr8.i just started reading.but thought should jolt down few words before it.
    great work.
    I like Hey Ram so much n think it really missed a lot but guys like you make me feel good

  8. Hi Ravi, Thanks for patiently reading it.
    Hope its fame grows.

  9. eh Says:

    Why have you not covered any anime movies?

  10. Hmmm… Have not watched many, but will try to do in future, thanks for the suggestion.

  11. madraskaaran Says:

    wonderful review of Hey Ram!!! One of the most underrated movies ever. keep up the great work!!

  12. Thank you, keep visiting!

  13. R G Says:

    WOW, you are passion for cinema and writing (sharing your experience) is just amazing. Initially I thought you are some wannabe film maker or something like that. After reading your profile, am amazed, how do u find all the time?

  14. Thanks for reading Rajesh… By looking at the frequencey of posts, you should be able to guess that I, in fact, do not find much time, off late. But I still try to use the meagre time during the weekends to write something.

  15. Vignesh Says:

    Hi Sri,

    I stumbled upon your writeup on Hey Ram and I also share your thoughts about it being one of the very well made movies in India. But there are much more technical and finer aspects in the movie which you had not mentioned. Its Kamal haasan’s brilliance all over..

    Anyway, I think I’ll become a regular to this blog..


  16. Hey V, Thanks for reading… Keep visiting.

  17. nitesh Says:

    Hey Srikanth,

    Great to see your dedication and writing, I know how hard it is to pen down something …but good to see that you manage to take out time and write on good cinema. Keep going. Your dissection of Hey Ram has prompted me to watch the film, hoping to do it soon.

    Just another cinephile.


  18. Thanks a ton, Nitesh. Your site too has some fantastic stuff that I can only hope to write like. Someday, maybe, someday…

  19. Hi Shrikanth,

    It was great to see your site. I am also a complete cinema maniac. I was in software industry for 6 years in Pune. However, in May 2008 I quit my job and landed up in Mumbai for assisting on films and want to make own film one day. Please do visit my site. Its http://www.chinmayogale.com


  20. Hi Chinmay…

    Thanks for visiting .

    I saw your site. All the best for your future ventures…

  21. imdonatello Says:

    Are you branding all your photos for copyright?! Maybe you should put a note somewhere offering them (in full resolution) under a “Creative Commons” license.

    And, its time you added a search bar somewhere :)

  22. :D Not for copyright. Just to make them look like screenshots and not rip offs from the net. And I think you can directly access the pics from the browser (by removing those clauses from the link)…

    And WordPress is trying to get widgets for this theme… May be soon…

  23. Jugu Abraham Says:


    Absolutely delightful blog. Keep it up. Don’t ever give up on your passion. How did you get to see Cassavetes directed films? For a young man, you have seen a lot of films. I am particularly glad to see that you have been seeing the old classics of the masters. Cheers!

    P.S. Visit my blog, much of which appeared on Dear Cinema.

  24. Thanks for reading Jugu.

  25. Nishanth Says:

    Ah! I have become a “wannabe srikanth” after reading ur blog.

    Where do u rate kamal haasan as an actor alone among other greats like niro, pacino, brando and so…?

  26. Hi there Nishant…

    wannabe-Srikanth? Er, let’s keep that down shall we? :)

    Kamal or any other actor should never be compared with greats from all over the world. I say this because the actors you mention are typically Method actors and their output is invariably a function of their life’s experiences, cultural background and many other social factors. And if you want an absolute answer, Yes. He is India’s best IMO.

    To cut a long story short, he is my favorite Indian actor.

    But, his directorial ventures amaze me much more and sadly, that event is not happening in the near future.

    Thanks for visiting.

  27. Ab Van Kenabi Says:

    Hello Srikanth.

    It was fantastic reading your blogs on Hey Ram (I’m a Hey Ram fanatic) and on Godard (Band of Others, Alphaville are my favorites). Great work, please keep them coming.

    I see no review on 8 and 1/2 here. Crime!

    Only few films move me the way it did (the other I can remember was Cinema Paradiso). The woman (in the dream sequence) whispering “Guido Guido” stayed with me for days on end driving me insane :D

    Marvelous achievement!

    1. Ah, 81/2, One of my all time favorites… I have never mustered up the courage to write on that masterpiece…. WIll do someday.


  28. […] BLOG The Seventh Art Srikanth’s Film blog The Seventh Art is is a good film blog by a film enthusiast, and ought to be […]

  29. Rocketboy Says:

    Stumbled upon this blog quite by accident, but enjoying every minute while I am here! I am a big Bergman fan and was slightly disappointed that you did not review “Autumn Sonata” according to me the best Bergman film ever! Guess thats my view, did enjoy your review of “Through a glass darkly”. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey RocketBoy, Thanks for visiting.

      Autumn Sonata was the first Bergman film I had a chance to see. But fate hasn’t allowed me to see it yet. Will surely write on it once I see it.


  30. Sathyaram Says:


    I must have read your analysis on Hey Ram at least 10 times. I suggest you send the hard copy of your analysis to Kamal. I dont think he would have seen anyone understand the movie that much. I love the movie and I feel this was the best directed movie in Tamil and always would urge people to watch. But only after reading your analysis I found that I had not understood 50% of the Kamal’s direction and characterization. (The Bharathiyar discovery is amazing…. so is the Elephant).

    Pls. carry on . Also would like you to analyze Kannathil Muthamittal and Iruvar. I feel these were also top class movies…

    1. Hey Sathya…

      Thanks for reading…

      I so want to write about Iruvar, but I am going to wait for the uncensored
      director’s cut instead of the chopped up version which is the only copy
      available everywhere…I will think about KM… Thanks…

  31. likemilk Says:

    Fantastic work here, keep it up! I look forward to reading much more :)

  32. Sudharshan Says:

    Srikanth, You’re blog is fantastic. I have bookmarked. Under World Cinema, along with Ray, you can also include other legendary Indian greats (IMHO) like Adoor Goplakrishnan, Bimal Roy, Govind Nihalani, Mrinal Sen & Ritwik Ghatak. Just a thought!!

    1. Thanks Susa :)

      Couldn’t agree with you more. But unfortunately, I haven’t got a chance to see even a single film of any of these directors. :)

      May be some day…

      1. Sudharshan Says:

        So do you own copies of the movies listed under world cinema? I mean original DVD’s or you also resort to torrents… And how did you know that name (Susa?!) :-)

        1. Your mail Id… Strange that I know another Sudarshan who goes by the name Susa too…

          As for the movies, I have had the fortune to see them here and there… on TV, local screenings, friends, Some original DVDs, and some very rare stuff in pirated form…

  33. Arthi V Says:

    Amazing blog….great work SS….will be a regular here…tx…

  34. MaryG90 Says:

    Your blog is definitely amazing. One of the best about cinema. Congratz.

  35. Hi JAFB (aka Srikanth, I suppose)
    If you remember I had PMd you on IMDB after reading your review on Om-Dar-Ba-Dar.
    And just now I saw your blog.
    I havent yet gone through it properly and I am already impressed beyond words. It is unreal. I feel proud that someone is so passionate about cinema.
    Are you into films? If not, what do you do? I am asking coz I have never seen someone so deeply into cinema unless its his profession.
    I really hope to learn a lot from you.
    (although I am not in tune with your comments on Kaminey!)
    But I am really looking forward to communicating with you and talking films.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Satyanshu,

      I believe I had replied to your query on IMdB. I am not into Cinema, actually far from that. I’m here to learn too… I do recommend that you visit the guys on my blog roll, from where I learn a lot every time…Feel free to drop in any time…


  36. Clint Says:

    Hello dear Just Another Film Buff,

    Happy to have found your blog today. Definitely had a good enjoyable reading.

    Could you possibly drop a few lines to my email address?


  37. vazha Says:

    Brilliant work da !! remember seeing a prototype of this on the lan..

    1. Hey Vazha… Hope you are doing fine. Ya, I did have a few posts on our good ol’ LAN…

      Keep in Touch, Cheers!

  38. gokul vasudevan Says:

    hi srik…

    read yr review of kanchivaram…

    …”Priyadarshan realizes that subtlety is the essence of art and places immense trust on his audience, yet never lets the movie lurk near ambiguity. His melodrama is not made of music cues or slow motion shots, but of cinematic compositions.”…

    a real good breaking down…

    one more detail abt the climax where vengadam drapes the unfinished saree over his daughter’s corpse, the soundtrack that plays in the background is the same that is sung during the birth of his daughter…i found this depiction of the irony of the situation extremely intriguing…

    1. Yes, yes… good point. And this time too, he is feeding her the cup of milk… This is great melodrama…

  39. gokul vasudevan Says:

    and i would like to see you review ‘subramanyapuram’…


    1. Haven’t seen it yet unfortunately, will be doing it soon… Thanks!

  40. miro Says:

    Super blog !
    The articles are well written. You were on my blogs to read list from a long time , but this is the first time I actually sat down and read some posts.
    It’s a huge blog though, a lot to be read.
    soon soon.

    1. Thanks Miro. You’re always welcome.

  41. sesha Says:

    Ohhhhhhh .. boy, what a passion??? All the best.

  42. Added the solution to the director mosaic. Thanks Jim!

  43. Sudharshan Says:


    I had a look at Masters Of Cinema mosaic.Quite surprised not to see David Lynch there…

    1. Hi Susa, I’d made this mosaic a long time ago, when I knew almost none of these directors. So there you go!

  44. Matt C. Says:

    Hi Srikanth,

    Wonderful blog! Do you write the whole thing yourself, or do others contribute as well?


    1. Hi there Matt. I write the blog alone. The low frequency of posting should reveal that!

      Thanks and Cheers!

  45. saurabh Says:

    how do one send you a PM (pvt msg) ?

  46. simplyrohit21 Says:

    Hi Srikanth

    I consider my self lucky to have hit upon your blog. Now I am regular at your blog.

    You know I am just wondering how come you have not written anything so far on Steven Soderbergh’s 4 hour biopic ‘CHE’. Guess you might have not seen it so far. Waiting for that as well.

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks for the comments Rohit. You’re right. I haven’t seen CHE although I’ve been having a copy for the past year or so. I really want to see it though. Until then…

      Thanks again for coming and Cheers!

  47. great site – stumbled upon it recently while searching for Mani Kaul infos – but the other items are also well worth reading – must not miss new posts!

  48. Atharva Says:

    Hey read a couple of posts of yours on Mani Kaul and Om-Dar-Ba-Dar, very engaging and dense. Can’t have enough, will be back for more!

    Film buff here too :)

  49. purplethread Says:

    I stumbled upon your site while looking up an article on Girish Kasaravalli and, as a cinema buff, I was left delirious by what I’d found. It’s been a day since I discovered your site and I have already read just about everything you’ve ever posted.

    Fantastic stuff. Keep posting.

    I’d love to contribute, if the need arises.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, PurpleThread.

  50. artviewblog Says:

    Super nice blog!
    Watch – Seventh Art – Ebert/RottenTomatoes – IMDb (if at all)
    that’s the film watching routine these days.

    Haven’t been exposed to Emir Kusturica? Not possible. Or the search might not be working…

    1. Too kind of you! No, haven’t yet seen a single Kusturica, and almost started watching UNDERGROUND day before. Looks like I’ll have to postpone for a while.


  51. Subhasish Says:

    Hi Srikanth,

    Needless to say that I find your posts valuable and intriguing. Thanks for that.
    I am originally from India and have two very unusual (and possibly weird) questions:

    1. Assuming that you live in India, where do you get to watch all these movies? (the secret plan on my part is to know that once I move back to India, which I am going to do soon) where can I locate these movies in India? Any information shared on this is highly appreciated.

    2. I will be in India during the coming summer. Is there any way I can meet you to discuss films? I am an economist by profession and do no plan to sell anything (:-)). Just meeting someone this much educated about films would be a great opportunity for learning.

    Thanks for reading this long post.


  52. Subhasish Says:

    Hi Srikanth,

    Thanks for acknowledging my comment.
    Even if I do not qualify for answers, your posts are still valuable to me. :-)

    1. Hi Subhasish,

      Sorry for not having responded to your comment. Somehow slipped under the radar.

      Most of the films I watch are available on the internet. I could give you more details if you are looking for some specific movie. The rest I see at film festivals.

      As for the meet up, I’m afraid I can’t commit to anything, given I’ve been grilled by even friends and relatives for not meeting them for a long time! I’ve such a bad reputation when it comes to meetups


  53. Subhasish Says:


    I understand the situation regarding the meet up request.
    I just took my chances with you.

  54. sunithaya Says:

    Hi Srikanth,
    never since the times of Cahier du Cinema in the 60’s and the very inquisitive texts of Pauline Kael, Sarris, Ferguson and others on this side of the world have I read such a brilliant film criticism/elucidation as this amazing ongoing conversation that you carry on with your readers.
    Thank you for your insights and breadth of knowledge. Even though I’ve been making films since I was 15 (68 now) and am a voracious reader, you have introduced me to some of the most exciting films and filmmakers that I had no knowledge of. Your blog is now a required reading for my film classes.

    1. Hello Sunithaya,

      I’m overwhelmed by your extreme generosity and lofty appreciation. Thanks a million for those very kind words. I hope I can keep up with them in the future.

      Thanks once more. Best regards,

  55. amAtya rAkshasa Says:

    Hey Srikanth,

    Ever intend to write on any of Krzysztof Kieslowski’s works?


    1. Hi, I’ve written something on BLIND CHANCE and A SHORT FILM ABOUT LOVE, if I remember correct!


      1. amAtya rAkshasa Says:

        Ah yes! I found the posts now. Sorry, my bad; should have searched before :)


  56. just amazing……(but as a beginner…im not that much of updated about cinema)

  57. amAtya rAkshasa Says:

    Hey, are you on twitter? If, yes mind sharing your handle? I think someone else also asked this question and you did reply back. But that handle doesn’t seem to be yours/does not exists anymore.


    1. Yes, I am @J_A_F_B.


  58. Vinay Says:


    Who are your favourite movie mainstream reviewers? Mainstream meaning people like Roger Ebert. Also, how do you rate ebert as a critic?


    1. Ravi Says:

      Rate Ebert ? haha

    2. Hello Vinay,

      My favorite mainstream film critic is Manohla Dargis. Within the country, I love reading Baradwaj Rangan.

      Ebert; I love his prose, but as a film critic, I’m not a great fan. I’ve to admit he’s never shaped my film viewing, as has been the case for a lot of people. I am from the Leonard Maltin stable.


  59. Silvi Naci Says:

    How can i best contact you privately about one of the films you are speaking about here?

    1. Hello Silvi,

      You can reach me at admin@theseventhart.info.


  60. Aalok Says:


    Just stumbled upon your blog after watching Jagten (The Hunt), which in fact initially led me to an interview of the director on another site named ‘theseventhart’. When I googled the phrase again, the 1st of many results was your site. And so, I discovered just how ignorant I was regarding cinema terminology.

    On reading the articles I was absolutely stupefied by your flowing yet highly-academic jargon-rich style, interspersed with ridiculous amounts of film history & knowledge. What really hooked me – an amateur film-hobbyist – was the inclusion of Hoppers’ New York Film in the write-up of Far from Heaven.

    Having watched some 1000 mainstream but critically acclaimed movies over the past 5 years or so, I thought I had come to point where IMDB just could not provide me with quality content that came without an hour long search. But now I think I have just found a new lease of life on my quest towards a more comprehensive cinematic understanding.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks a ton for your very kind words, Aalok! That’s very generous of you.

      Hope you find some very good films through this blog.


  61. Vinay Says:

    Can we expect a review of Ship of Theseus?


    1. I hope, Vinay. But I don’t think it will happen!

  62. amAtya rAkshasa Says:

    Shrikanth, any thoughts, comments or write up likely on Gosling’s ‘Only God Forgives’?


    1. Hi AR,

      Haven’t seen it yet. Plan to, soon.


  63. Vinay Says:

    What are you upto? Its been long since you posted. Please understand that now you have a tiny following and so a tiny responsibility to make some time :)

  64. Hi – would like to share my podcast about Hollywood in the 70’s with you if thats ok? http://thenewhollywoodpod.tumblr.com/# – hope you enjoy. I love your website. Hawks and Ford? Thats all I think about! Actually I do Hawks vs Wyler in my head every day.

  65. anish Says:

    Hey, first of all a BIG fan and please dont ever stop putting up articles.
    and could you please do a piece on S.N.S. Sastry i.e if you know him else you could find some of his work at the youtube channel of Films Division.
    also there is not much about him on the internet. It would be great if you know a way to access that information.

    1. Thanks a lot for the support, Anish!

      I love Sastry and AND I MAKE SHORT FILMS is one of my 10 or so favorite Indian films. I have never gotten around to writing about him. I should really do that one day. It is essential.


  66. anish Says:

    hey, what do you think of andy warhol’s filmography

    1. Haven’t seen any yet, Anish.

  67. anish Says:

    also, I loved your Godard’s reviews (including Goodbye to language). Only wish you had written about ‘Joy of learning’

    1. Thank you! Le gai savoir is one of the few major JLG films I’ve not seen.

  68. S Says:

    Great articles/reviews. I appreciate anyone who can be articulate about movies(and in general), which is something I am not good. I can’t even put my finger on why or what I like(or don’t like) in a movie let alone write about it.

  69. svastiksays Says:

    Hello – am glad to discover that we have people with such tastes towards cinema. Its a minority population and hence takes time to discover each other. Going by the posts it looks that do have a fair bit of interest towards surreal/absurd cinema (Bunuel and JLG). Well there are a couple of films in India (from regional circuits) that are absurd/experimental and somewhat fantasy films. How may I share such films with you so that you may watch, review if it excites and add to the wonderful repository of this blog? Thanks.


  70. Hey Srikanth,
    It’s a wonderful repository of reviews on so many movies! I didn’t know about this blog earlier. The reviews are quite critical and I love it 😛 . It’s interesting you’ve added movies from various languages/countries too.

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