What do you get if you cross a Vijaykanth script with Vettaiyadu Vilayadu? Yes, You are right. Captain catching Kashmir-born Tamil terrorists (Theeviravadhinga) in Canada. That is exactly what happens in Captain’s 150th, “Arasangam“. After giving epics such as “Chocklet” and “Madurai”, R. Madhesh is back with this rib-tickler…oh sorry, nerve-wracker.

Arivarasu (Captain Vijaykanth) is called for action after the kidnap of Manoj (Biju Menon), a friend-cum-police inspector who was on the trail of a bunch of terrorists who were instigated by Chandru (Rahul Dev), a Tamil terrorist led by Martin, a Canadian mafia who resembles Manoj (Whew!). So all Captain has to do now is to go to Canada, talk in Tamil to all the Canadians, catch Martin admist lots of bombings, come back to India to diffuse a retina-authenticated bomb that is on a train travelling miles away from Captain.

Though the film is predictable to the extent that one can countdown to the song and fight sequences (believe me, I did), the movie does offer a few twists and turns to make you believe that there has been a serious effort put in. The scenes where Captain blushes before his love are 30 years too late for him. The film goes through the loop song-speech-fight-sentiment interspersed with the twists and proceeds to the ending one is longing for.

The pick of the cast is Biju Menon, who does a good job both as Manoj and Martin. The imported heroines Navneet kaur and Seril Brindo are props, period. Rahul Dev (yet again) can rename himself “the actor who plays terrorists in Captain films”. Another typical performance by Captain.

Madhesh seems to be a very liberal director. He has allowed all the actors to speak in the languages they want. The editing too, has been a culprit in exposing the sickening re-recording. Srikanth Deva‘s background music (at times) is in the same league as Braveheart and other great Hollywood scores. This is because they are the same. The stunt sequences are not all that bad.

Do not go for the film if you want to see the turning point of Tamil cinema or even if you want a hi-octane thriller. But if you are game for some clean mean fun, Captain-style, then “Lets Start The Mizzon“!